09/2016 – Aric is invited to talk at the University of Maine, Orono.

08/2016 – Aric, along with Lew Lipsitz, MD, lead an aging module in a course for Harvard medical residents entitled “Comparative Physiology: BIDMC 2016″. This is a yearly short course for residents at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

07/2016 – Jarod and Aric are invited to present at the C. elegans Aging meeting in Madison, WI.

06/2016 – Summer students Isaiah Mansour, Sarah Dobbins, and Noah Lind join the lab. Welcome!

06/2016 – Inaugural launch of a new aging-focused course developed by Aric entitled “Comparative and Experimental Approaches to Aging Biology Research.” This course is a signature course for the MDI Bio Lab and brought together leading experts in the field of aging to both lecture and provide hands-on training for investigators new to the field.

03/2016 – Aric tells a bit of his backstory and how he got here for The Story Collider, where scientists tell their personal tales.

03/2016 – Aric is invited to speak in the 5-minute “genius” lightning talk at the Maine Science Festival entitled “Increasing the healthy span of life with anti-aging therapeutics: A new frontier in biomedicine.”

02/2016 – Markus Schosserer comes to the lab as a visiting scientist from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Here, he will investigate the role of ribosomal RNA methylation in adaptive responses that leads to differential translation. Welcome Markus!

09/2015 – Jarod is featured in the ASBMB policy news after participating in Hill Day, where he invited U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine, to visit our lab! During the visit to the lab, he shared with Representative Poliquin how funding by the NIH has fostered job creation in our state and led to the development of new potential therapeutics. Great job, Jarod!

08/2015 – Amber leaves the lab to start as an assistant professor at the University of Maine Augusta. Way to go, Amber!

08/2015 – Aric is a panelist for discussion at the MDI Biological Laboratory screening of “Outrunning Parkinson’s.”

08/2015 – Aric is the featured speaker and talks about how nutrients change the activity of specific genes at the MDI Biological Laboratory “Taste of Science” Dinner for the Star Point Society and guests.

07/2015 – Frauke Adamla rejoins the lab as part of a continuing collaboration with Zoya Ignatova’s lab in Hamburg. Welcome Frauke!

07/2015 – Amber, Jarod, and Aric present posters at the Biology of Aging GRC entitled “The Translational Science of Aging: From Functional Pathways to Interventions.”

07/2015 – Dmitriy Skoog leaves the lab to further his education in the GSBSE program. Congratulations Dmitriy!

06/2015 – Amber and Jarod present their work at the COBRE Comparative Biology of Tissue Repair, Regeneration, and Aging Symposium.

04/2015 – Aric presents ongoing work from the lab to the MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellows.

04/2015 – Amber and Jarod present their work at the 42nd Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium.

09/2014 – Santina Snow joins the lab as a research assistant. Welcome Santina!

08/2014 – Matt Newsom leaves the lab to begin as an instructor at the University of Maine Orono. Congratulations Matt!

07/2014 – Dr. Zoya Ignatova and Frauke Adamla join the lab as visiting scientists and as part of a collaboration investigating translation frame-shifting in C. elegans. Welcome Zoya and Frauke!

06/2014 – Aric presents ongoing work from the lab to the Blue Hill Forum, a community group of retired professionals that includes business executives, attorneys, physicians, authors and artists.

06/2014 – Paola Brana and Charles Allen join the lab for summer internships. Welcome!

04/2014 – Amber and Jarod present their projects related to aging interventions involving eIF4G and dietary restriction, respectively, at the 41st annual Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium

04/2014 – Results from a collaboration with a lab at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Title “mTORC1/C2 and pan-HDAC inhibitors synergistically impair breast cancer growth by convergent AKT and polysome inhibiting mechanisms.” Link to publication

02/2014 – Aric and Jarod co-present at Dartmouth University and The Jackson Laboratory on dietary restriction and it’s effect on post-transcriptional gene regulation.

02/2014 – As the University of Maine at Farmington celebrates its first 150 years, Aric delivers the keynote address for the Biology portion of the Farmington Forum Series in a talk entitled “The Science Behind Increasing Human Lifespan and Delaying Age-related Decline in the 21st Century.” UMF News

01/2014 – Jarod presents a poster on the effect of dietary restriction on post-transcriptional gene regulation at the Keystone Symposium on Aging in Colorado.

01/2014 – The lab publishes in Ageing Research Reviews. Title: “Role of translation initiation factor 4G in lifespan regulation and age-related health.”  Link to publication

10/2013 – Dmitriy Skoog joins the lab as a Research Assistant. Welcome!

09/2013 – Aric presents “Increasing Maximum Human Lifespan and Healthspan: Are We Close?” at the Asticou Inn as part of the the MDIBL-sponsored Science Cafe series. Click to view

08/2013 – Amber presents her work on tissue-specific lifespan effects of eIF4G at the Gordon Research Conference on the Biology of Aging in Lucca, Italy.

07/2013 – Aric talks about aging research in his lab in an interview with International Innovation. Click for PDF

06/2013 – Aric receives The Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholar in Aging Award.

06/2013 – The lab is joined by summer students DJ Brookes, Sarah Castor, and Tyler Ham. Welcome!

06/2013 – Lab website up and running. Way to go, Matt!

04/2013 – Jarod and Amber are awarded spots in the Molecular Biology of Aging course at Woods Hole. Top scientists in the area of aging research are instructors in this intensive three week course. Congrats!

03/2013 – The lab is joined by research assistant Matt Newsom and postdocs Amber Howard and Jarod Rollins. Welcome!

02/2013 – Rogers Lab is born, fueled by Mount Desert Island Biological Lab start-up and a National Institute on Aging R00 Award. See related article: New MDI Bio Lab Researcher Intent on Extending Lifespans